Before you begin your application

Talk with your parent or guardian to be sure you have support to participate. We will send a permission form via email to your parent/guardian to learn more about the program and provide permission for you to participate. There is a registration fee that is required to participate. Financial assistance is available. As you talk with your parent/guardian, be sure you have discussed the registration cost if you are selected. It will be due before the first session.

Select two references (one from school and one from the community) to complete the reference form on your behalf. You may select teachers, administrators, coaches, or others who can speak on your behalf. You can ask your reference to visit the webpage to complete the online recommendation. We will also send an email to those you list as your reference, so be sure you have their emails.

Think about your experiences. You will list 3-4 of the organizations or activities you are involved in as well as your role in those organizations. You may have to narrow down your list to select those that are most meaningful to you. You will also share awards and recognition you may have received and these are limited to 5.

Reflect on why you would like to be part of Youth Leadership Athens, what leadership skills you’d like to develop, and what in the Athens area you’d like to learn more about if you were a participant. You will be asked to include this information in your application.

Prepare to write a short essay on one of two topics. You may 1)identify a situation you observed and describe how leadership impacted the decisions that were made OR 2)identify someone you consider a leader and discuss the leadership traits you observed.

It may be helpful to first draft your responses to the essay and other paragraph questions so that you can be sure spelling, grammar, and punctuation are correct. You may even want someone to review your work for typographical errors and content.

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